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Susan - Nia

Susan teaches Nia Classes in Perth, Stirling and Dunblane.

Nia blends elements of yoga, martial arts and tai chi with dance and yoga movements and is set to great music. It has been around for over 40 years and is both a barefoot low impact fitness class with simple-to-master moves and a movement, lifestyle and mind-body-spirit practice in its own right.

The class starts with a focus where we set our awareness goals for the class ahead. This is followed by a warmup that gets the muscles and joints prepared for the main part of the session.

The tempo of the music will increase after the warmup is complete and your instructor will guide the class in connecting their feelings, mind and emotion through the exercise.

Susan has progressed through 5 years of Nia Technique training, a worldwide programme for somatic movement and wellbeing and now holds the highest Nia teaching qualification - a Nia Black Belt.

Susan - Nia
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