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Brad - Reiki

With a passion for exploring human potential, Bradley made a determined effort to branch away from his creative education career in 2016 and began a journey into the vast world of the healing arts.

Initially completing training to become an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach, he continued to deepen his practice by studying to become a Reiki practitioner. He has been working with energy medicine ever since and is constantly inspired by each and every one of his clients’ abilities to self-heal.

He holds a diploma in Herbal Medicine and is now qualified as an Usui Reiki Master. Having moved from his birth country, South Africa to Scotland in 2021 he has spent the last year developing his private practice within Perth. Bradley offers a safe space for deep relaxation, for inner contemplation and for balancing the life forces both within and without.

To book a Reiki treatment or an Indian Head massage with Bradley, or to contact him directly, visit:

Brad - Reiki
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